21 Super Sexy Soap Opera Couples

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7. Sharon and Nick - The Young and the Restless

Sharon and Nick - The Young and the Restless
Nick and Sharon first met in 1994. Nick is Victor's son and Sharon is a nobody from the wrong side of the tracks, something that to this day, a couple marriages (even one to Victor...cue ewww factor) and children later, that still doesn't sit well with Victor or Nikki. No matter how messed up or how far apart "Shick" get, the idea is that you feel for whoever else they're with because ultimately they will find their way back to each other.

8. Blair and Todd - One Life to Live

Blair and Todd - One Life to Live
Blair Cramer and Todd Manning had an intense, often chaotic love affair. When they were on, their chemistry was off the charts; when they were off, or when Todd was feeling particularly antihero-ish, things got bad (kidnapping Jack and making Blair think the baby was dead because he thought it was another man's, for one). After many years of being in other relationships, hating each other, three kids and a grandkid, and Todd going through a couple of face-changes, the cancellation of OLTL left things unresolved for these two. In fan head-canon, they definitely rode off into the sunset together.

9. Sonny and Brenda - General Hospital

Sonny and Brenda - General Hospital
The attraction between mobster Sonny Corintho's and the beautiful Brenda Barrett was instantaneous and always bordered on the forbidden, especially since Brenda was only 18 when they met. Like moths to a flame, they couldn't resist each other but the two were always volatile. Their many make-ups and break-ups included Brenda wearing a wire for the police, Sonny's wife being killed by car bomb meant for him, Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar, Brenda being presumed dead when her car went off a cliff…and on and on. They finally split when Brenda decided she had to keep the son she never knew she had, safe from Sonny’s life. Still, fans have hope that these two will eventually reunite.

10. Brian and Hayley - All My Children

Brian and Hayley - All My Children
Teenage love in the early 90's was in full bloom when Hayley Vaughn met Brian Bodine. Hayley was a goth teen with a drinking problem. Brian was a nice guy with an abusive father. Brian melted Hayley's icy heart, love blossomed, and the teens got engaged. Hayley's father, Adam, quickly put a stop to their wedding plans, just the first roadblock in their on and off romance which also included the murder mystery involving who killed Hayley's husband, Will Cortland. Hayley and Brian's romance fizzled, ultimately, but they upped the ante on teenage love in Pine Valley.

11. Meg and Ben - Sunset Beach

Meg and Ben - Sunset Beach
Ben and Meg met under the most random circumstances and survived several attempts on their lives, but both came out the other end unscathed and happily married. Sure, it was a fairytale ending, but they deserved it!

12. Anna and Duke - General Hospital

Anna and Duke - General Hospital
General Hospital's sexiest international pair, Anna Devane and Duke Lavery, defied death to reunite over 20 years after Duke's presumed death but were torn apart yet again when he was shot and killed earlier this year. Though it looks like he's gone for good this time, we'll always fondly remember the couple's romantic tangos and swoon-worthy chemistry.

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