Top TV Couples from the 1980s

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TV from the 1980s was filled with couples who sizzled. The banter was witty and the romance was sweet.

Whether the relationship was filled with teenaged angst, will they or won’t they anticipation or married couples working to keep that spark, we couldn't wait to tune in every week to see them. 

Which of these throwback TV couples from the 1980s was your favorite?

1. Dave and Maddie - Moonlighting

Yes, the shoulder pads were huge but the couple was so hot they smoldered. Dave and Maddie lit up the screen as they volleyed banter back and forth. Moonlighting was quirky fun with characters that frequently breeched the 4th wall to poke fun at their own show. We choose to remember the amazing chemistry of the show in it’s heyday rather than the painful way the series ended.

2. Lee and Amanda - Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Running from the bad guys, Secret agent Lee Stetson, code named Scarecrow, desperately implored recently divorced mom Amanda King to give his package to the man in the red hat on train. Thus an unlikely partnership and eventual romance bloomed. Scarecrow and Mrs. King was wonderfully sweet ‘80s fun. Just hearing the opening theme music still makes us smile.

3. Luke and Laura - General Hospital

After many trials and tribulations, the 1980’s most popular soap super couple were first pronounced husband and wife in 1981. Although a lot happened between them both before and since, this is the moment that fans would never forget.

4. Sam and Diane - Cheers

The passion radiating between brainy waitress Diane and her womanizing boss, Sam was so hot that it seemed inevitable they'd end up in the bedroom. Every moment of their relationship involved a hilarious dance between love and hate.

5. Gary and Valene - Knots Landing

Valene met Gary when she was only a teenager working at a diner. They fell in love almost instantly and got married a mere three days later. Unfortunately, Gary’s drinking and his meddling family, especially big brother J.R., got in the way. Despite all of the ups and downs, we always knew that these two were meant to end up together.

6. Kevin and Winnie - The Wonder Years

They were the epitome of first love and teenaged angst. From first crush to first kiss to first heartbreak, we experienced it all with Kevin and Winnie. Even their school dance was both sweet and somehow heartbreaking. 

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