Top TV Couples from the 1980s

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7. Capt. Jean Luc Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Jean Luc Picard was the stoic, responsible Captain of the USS Enterprise so when there were obvious sparks between him and the ship's doctor, Beverly Crusher, we weren't sure if he'd ever act upon it. Little did we realize that his feelings for her ran deeper and longer than even Dr. Crusher expected. 

8. Vincent and Catherine - Beauty and the Beast

Long before the CW’s version hit our screens or Disney did the animated movie, fans watched the CBS version of Beauty and the Beast in the 1980s with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton as the romantic leads who were kept apart by incredible circumstance.

9. Bo and Hope - Days of Our Lives

It was one of the biggest soap weddings of the ‘80s. Bo and Hope finally tied the knot in a cathedral in London. It felt like such a major event that I ditched school so that I could watch it live.

10. Dan and Roseanne - Roseanne

They may not have been a hot couple in the traditional way we normally see on TV but Dan and Roseanne were wonderfully real and so very, very funny.

11. Elliott and Nancy - thirtysomething

The series began as Elliott and Nancy’s marriage was falling apart. He cheated. She shut down and arguing was their only form of communication. What was fascinating was watching this couple, who had first fallen in love when they were 18, work to put their relationship back together again.

12. Bobby and Pam - Dallas

They started out as the Romeo and Juliet of Texas when Digger Barnes' daughter ran off and married his sworn enemy, Jock Ewing’s son. They had to deal with big brother JR’s machinations, a miscarriage, and a divorce. Bobby’s second proposal turned out to be very sweet, if only that final fiery car crash and Pam’s reaction hadn’t separated them for good.

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