TV Fanatics Share their Appreciation of the Small Screen

By Carissa Pavlica at

Fanatics appreciate a lot of things when it comes to the small screen.

To find out how much and what, all you need to do is scroll through the slideshow below.

We'd love to know what you appreciate on TV these days, too!

1. The West Wing Weekly

I'm grateful for The West Wing Weekly, a podcast about The West Wing that is hosted by Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway. It's the perfect episode-by-episode breakdown of my favorite show, with special guests and behind-the-scenes stories that make me cry and fill my heart with joy. -- Kaitlynn

2. The improvement of The Good Doctor

I'm thankful that The Good Doctor has significantly improved since its disappointing pilot. I actually enjoy watching the show now, which I didn't think was possible when I watched the first few episodes. -- Kaitlynn

3. Sci-fi TV's two-pronged comeback on network TV

Star Trek: Discovery has evolved the brand into a dark, controversial, long arc narrative. It's upped the ante on representation and ethical quandaries while introducing an elegant classical allegory. Meanwhile, The Orville pumps up the yuks AND the yucks with Seth MacFarlane's signature humor style as it pays homage to the lighter, episodic style of space exploration dear to the heart of those who grew up on ST:TNG. -- Diana

4. Sitcoms that aren't afraid to have a serious message

Black-ish, Mom, Young Sheldon, even Bob's Burgers regularly address societal issues with novel approaches and a likable, if flawed, cast of characters. -- Diana

5. The gorgeous elegance of Fox's Lucifer

The gorgeous elegance of Fox's Lucifer and I'm not just (!) talking about Tom Ellis' fine dapper self. The writers of this show continue to astound with their risky narrative choices and expert manipulation of the character choices. -- Diana

6. Will & Grace is everything I didn’t know I wanted, needed, or missed

Will & Grace is everything I didn’t know I wanted, needed, or missed until it came back stronger and funnier than ever. I always liked but was never a huge fan of the original, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this comeback, but I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised. Will and Grace, Karen, and Jack have aged and added seasoning to their sassiness.

Some of the highlights this season have been “Who’s Your Daddy?” where Tony winner Ben Platt played Will’s much younger boyfriend. It led to a hilariously funny yet poignant discussion about not forgetting how being gay has changed over the last couple of decades, “The people that fought and loved and died so that you could walk down the street in skinny jeans with rights you never even knew you never had!”

And then there’s “Grandpa Jack” telling his possibly gay grandson that he is exactly who he is supposed to be.

Will & Grace now not only makes me laugh out loud, but it can bring me to tears, sometimes all in the very same scene, and I’ll forever be thankful for its return. -- Christine

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