TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

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Sometimes, TV shows end at the perfect time.

There are many variables that go into having a TV show on the air, and it can govern when they end.

We've rounded up some of the TV shows that ended far too soon below.

1. The Society - Netflix

The Society - Netflix
The coming of age drama focused on a group of teenagers in a town without adults.

It had compelling characters and a solid mystery.

Despite landing a renewal, the show was canceled due to production delays caused by COVID-19.

2. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix
Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant toplined this comedy about an undead realtor.

The series had a devoted fanbase, but Netflix shocked everyone when it canceled the show after three seasons.

And, no, there was no closure in sight. Boo.

3. Daredevil - Netflix

Daredevil - Netflix
Netflix canceled its roster of Marvel TV shows in one fell swoop, and Daredevil stood the best chance at a long life.

Three seasons was not enough, but there are rumblings that the characters will be back in some capacity.

4. Timeless - NBC

Timeless - NBC
Timeless cheated death on multiple occasions, but the popular drama wrapped its run following two seasons and a movie.

There was still a lot of story to tell, but sadly, it ended too soon.

5. Julie and the Phantoms - Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms - Netflix
The series was fun for all the family, which is rare to find these days.

Netflix left a long time following the conclusion of the first season to cancel it, which was surprising.

It had the buzz to warrant a renewal.

6. The Originals - The CW

The Originals - The CW
While many of the shows on this list didn't get a pre-planned conclusion, The Originals did.

The tricky part of it all was that the ending was rushed, and would have probably been more satisfying if we had another season to lead up to it.

7. Marvel's Agent Carter - ABC

Marvel's Agent Carter - ABC
The series was stellar, giving some intel into some of the biggest storylines on Marvel, but the ratings were not great.

Unfortunately, the show was canceled before we got much resolution.

8. Scream Queens - FOX

Scream Queens - FOX
The series dipped in quality in its second season, but it was still very watchable.

Knowing that the third season was supposed to wrap things up is difficult because we were left with a killer cliffhanger and no resolution.

9. Terra Nova - FOX

Terra Nova - FOX
The series was way ahead of its time.

Had it premiered a few years later, it would have had a long life.

Unfortunately, FOX cut the dinosaur drama after just one season, despite decent ratings.

10. GLOW - Netflix

GLOW - Netflix
Despite a renewal for a fourth -- and final -- season, the series was canceled after production was shut down due to COVID-19.

It was a terrible development, and we continue to hope for a finale of some sort.

11. Anne With an E - Netflix

Anne With an E - Netflix
There was a lot to love about this Netflix coming-of-age drama, but the streamer didn't see the value in keeping it around.

To this day, fans still call for a revival, or at the very least, a conclusion.

12. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Netflix

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Netflix
The streaming service swung the axe on the witchy drama after just four parts.

Unfortunately, the finale featured closure, but it was not what any long-term fan expected.

13. Prodigal Son - FOX

Prodigal Son - FOX
All signs pointed to a third season for this brilliant psychological thriller, but FOX stunned fans by canceling after two seasons.

There was hope HBO Max would pick it up, but it did not happen.

14. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists - Freeform

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists - Freeform
While the mystery was initially all over the place, the spinoff found its footing in the second half of the season.

Despite signs pointing to a renewal, Freeform waited months to officially cancel it.

15. Hannibal - NBC

Hannibal - NBC
The series featured Mads Mikkelsen. Need we say more?

It had rave reviews, acting, and a solid plot.

There should have been much more than what we got.

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