11 TV Characters Who Are Wasting Away Before Our Eyes

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7. Dr. Alana Bloom -- Hannibal

Dr. Alana Bloom -- Hannibal
Bloom is one of the only people qualified to see beyond the crap that Hannibal drizzles over everything he touches. Let her loose. Put her to work studying both men more closely and let's see what happens.

8. Jake Rosati -- Awkward

Jake Rosati -- Awkward
Ever since Jake coupled up with Tamara we've watched him wither away into an extension of her. As fun as Tamara is she can be demanding, and it's time Jake assert himself in the relationship and gain a piece of himself to call his own.

9. Alison DiLaurentis -- Pretty Little Liars

Alison DiLaurentis -- Pretty Little Liars
The entire series is built around her fake death/disappearance and we still know barely anything about her. Whether through flashbacks or watching her on the run, it's time to get to know the mysterious Ali D.

10. Joan Harris -- Mad Men

Joan Harris -- Mad Men
She prostituted herself to save the firm, her baby daddy is one of the founding partners and she's a silent one but she's still a minor player/sex object. With one season remaining it's time her secrets are uncovered.

11. Father Kieran -- The Originals

Father Kieran -- The Originals
There's plenty going on already in New Orleans, don't get us wrong. But Kieran offers a unique window into the human world and it would be nice to spend more time with those who must live with the (sexy!) supernaturals on a daily basis.

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