Veronica Mars Season Finale: Are You Cussing Kidding Me?!?

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I'm going to warn you again.

If you haven't watched Veronica Mars Season 4, just walk away while you still can. Once you see this, you can't unsee it.

Veronica Mars Review: Darkness Descends on Neptune in Hulu Revival

Trust me, I've tried. It just doesn't work.

For the rest of you, let's get down to business.

1. It's the Beginning of the End

It's the Beginning of the End
Veronica says straight out in the Veronica Mars Season 4 premiere that her story is the beginning of the end. Now that you've seen it, do you think it was the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

The theme throughout the season was Veronica's inability to let go of her tragic past and embrace the future. Now that her future is getting built on even more tragedy, what could that possibly mean to our heroine?

I know what it means for us -- that after 12 long years of waiting for happiness for Veronica and Logan, it was brutally ripped away before we ever had a chance to enjoy them together.

Here, we're going to revisit Logan Echolls' swan song.

2. A Rock Solid Body for a Rock Solid Boyfriend

A Rock Solid Body for a Rock Solid Boyfriend
Who would have ever imagined that Logan Echolls would grow in maturity so far beyond Veronica Mars?

In Logan, Veronica had a man who left his tragedy behind and learned from his mistakes. He's in on her jokes, and he supports her in every way. Despite their rocky beginning, he turned into a rock of a man.

3. A Man with Marriage on His Mind

A Man with Marriage on His Mind
Logan was doing the work to be a better man for many reasons. One of them was so that he could be a great partner and husband for Veronica. He proposed in the best way possible by planting a ring in his duffle bag knowing full well she'd be rifling through it.

4. Veronica Says No

Veronica Says No
Veronica acted like Logan had tossed her a hot potato instead of an engagement ring on which he spent far too much money. He was gutted when she said no and then breezed out of the house before they had a chance to talk about it further.

5. Logan Wanted to Be a Father

Logan Wanted to Be a Father
No, Veronica didn't think she was ready for marriage, so the thought of having children scared her to death. But Logan embraced the future and enjoyed the company of their friends, even the "yuppies." Veronica would have seen the light eventually. Just look at her with Matty. But she's never going to get the chance to raise children with Logan.

6. Their PDA Was Adorable

Their PDA Was Adorable
Logan and Veronica were proud to be with each other. Other than Veronica's commitment issues, there was no holding them back.

7. A Glimpse of Logan Future

A Glimpse of Logan Future
Seeing Logan golfing with his old friend Dick and Dick's father Big Dick was like seeing the ghost of Logan Future – the guy who entertain friends and family with a game of golf while Veronica solved cases during the holidays.

8. Two Loners Together in a 600 Sq. Ft. Apartment

Two Loners Together in a 600 Sq. Ft. Apartment
At one point, Logan was talking to the congressman about his relationship with Veronica and his uncertainty if they were good for each other or terrible for each other. He saw them as two loners in a 600 sq. ft. apartment with their dog named Pony, but Veronica was still interested in partying and acting single even while she was committed to Logan.

9. Logan Worked Hard to Keep His Anger at Bay

Logan Worked Hard to Keep His Anger at Bay
When Veronica turned down Logan's proposal, she thought he took it a little too breezily for her taste. But Logan was seething inside. When Veronica pushed his buttons, he slammed his feelings into the kitchen cabinet.

10. Veronica Loved Logan's Passionate Side a Little Too Much

Veronica Loved Logan's Passionate Side a Little Too Much
Logan's temper and his anger issues were once something that turned Veronica away, so you can imagine how he felt knowing that she got turned on when he lost control. The sex was amazing. He should get awards. He wanted her to seek therapy.

11. Logan Kicks Ass as a Bodyguard

Logan Kicks Ass as a Bodyguard
Logan took a job as a bodyguard because of the amount of dough he spent on Veronica's unused engagement ring. Seeing him in action proves that he would have been a tremendous asset to Mars Investigations. It's too bad he won't retire from the military so he can join the family practice.

12. Honey I'm Home

Honey I'm Home
Veronica cooked for Logan when she wanted a favor of him. He knew her dish well. Here we see the "Honey, I'm home" Logan, a person he never got to be as a married man.

13. Leaning Into His Tragic Past

Leaning Into His Tragic Past
Logan supported Veronica in everything, and when the couple attended the local murderheads meeting, the group was in a tizzy having the infamous couple in their midst. They called Logan DLK's boyfriend, but he reminded them that he's also "son of the killer."

14. Couch Kissing

Couch Kissing
There would have never been enough of this behavior for this viewer, but Veronica pushed him away so he could keep up his stamina for the impending volleyball game.

15. This is Just for Fun

This is Just for Fun
Veronica was cheering on Logan and Dick as they hit the sand for a volleyball game in which they were clearly outmanned by two young women.

16. Logan Opens the Door to Veronica's Past

Logan Opens the Door to Veronica's Past
Veronica didn't tell Logan how close she had gotten with Leo in the past, but he managed to figure it out right quick when the FBI agent visited the house.

17. A Shout Out for Piz

A Shout Out for Piz
Despite the Leo surprise, Logan was game to remember the past claiming that he was pretty sure Piz was hiding in the back room ready to pop out, too.

18. Logan Felt Secure with Veronica

Logan Felt Secure with Veronica
Logan felt secure in his relationship with Veronica despite her rejection of his proposal and Leo's presence in Veronica's life. He was happy with a night of Hulu and Chill, but even while snuggled up with her man, she was having second thoughts about him while thinking of Leo.

19. Logan Kept Up Appearances

Logan Kept Up Appearances
Logan was aching inside at Veronica's rejection, but he never once made it an issue. Until he did. Jealous Logan showed his face, and Veronica's reaction to it would have driven me nuts if I were him.

20. Who Would Veronica Be Without Logan?

Who Would Veronica Be Without Logan?
Logan pushed Veronica over and over about her feelings as he began to believe she didn't want him. She assured him if she lost him or her father she would be the unhappiest person in the world.

21. Meeting Matty

Meeting Matty
Logan had to see the similarities of Veronica and Matty, but he never got the chance to talk with Veronica about it.

22. We Love a Man in a Uniform

We Love a Man in a Uniform
It was surprising that the only uniform we saw Logan in during the revival was his fatigues, but his help with the investigation was appreciated. The uniform came in handy when he confronted the teen who was blackmailing the congressman.

23. Still Reeling In Veronica

Still Reeling In Veronica
Every time that Veronica turned her cheek at Logan's request to seek counseling together, it felt like an ominous warning. Too ominous. I had decided pretty early on in the run that Logan wasn't making it out of the season alive. Don't you think a more eager Veronica would have had a bigger impact?

24. Logan Echolls: Sexy AND Smart

Logan Echolls: Sexy AND Smart
Logan used his time wisely while serving as an officer and a gentleman. He learned another language, and it shocked the hell out of the congressman's family to discover they hadn't been keeping secrets after all.

25. Veronica Says Yes

Veronica Says Yes
After struggling with her thoughts about Leo, Veronica had a nightmare and an epiphany. The only person she wanted was Logan. Saying yes to him made his eyes sparkle.

26. Happiness

Veronica was so relieved and happy when she finally said yes to Logan. But it all happened too fast from there until the finish line.

27. I'll Marry Your Ass Right Now

I'll Marry Your Ass Right Now
Logan had already told everyone he was marrying Veronica, but she had kept mum. When he called her on it and suggested sharing the news was befitting of the occasion, she rose to the challenge.

28. The Doubt Fake Out

The Doubt Fake Out
We finally saw Logan at therapy just before his wedding. Did he have doubts after seeing his former flame, Parker, at City Hall? No. No, he did not. I hope none of you fell for that schtick.

29. Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife
Did you ever imagine Veronica and Logan would tie the knot? The happiness was short-lived, but it earned.

30. The Window Closes on This Chapter of Veronica Mars

The Window Closes on This Chapter of Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars never got to say goodbye to Logan. He was moving her car to keep her from getting a street sweeping ticket when it exploded. That's the thing about investigation bombings. Sometimes you get too close to the killer, and he has plans for you.

All hope of that explosion being a fake-out got dashed when in the last minutes of the finale time jumped by a year. Veronica, once again suffering a tragedy beyond her wildest dreams is left to start over.

What did you think of how it ended? I do not believe that you are held back by someone you love. They had grown together, and their story was just beginning. Sure, they were together for five years, but when she decided to accept Logan's proposal, Veronica had evolved. I would have liked to have seen their relationship grow with her.

There was a lot more story to tell for the couple. Writers tend to view loss as a turning point. Veronica had enough of that. It was time to show the strength of her character as an adult in a committed and happy relationship. They do exist, and television's inability to write them is the real tragedy.

RIP Logan Echolls.

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