Veronica Mars Season Finale: Are You Cussing Kidding Me?!?

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I'm going to warn you again.

If you haven't watched Veronica Mars Season 4, just walk away while you still can. Once you see this, you can't unsee it.

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Trust me, I've tried. It just doesn't work.

For the rest of you, let's get down to business.

1. It's the Beginning of the End

It's the Beginning of the End
Veronica says straight out in the Veronica Mars Season 4 premiere that her story is the beginning of the end. Now that you've seen it, do you think it was the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

The theme throughout the season was Veronica's inability to let go of her tragic past and embrace the future. Now that her future is getting built on even more tragedy, what could that possibly mean to our heroine?

I know what it means for us -- that after 12 long years of waiting for happiness for Veronica and Logan, it was brutally ripped away before we ever had a chance to enjoy them together.

Here, we're going to revisit Logan Echolls' swan song.

2. A Rock Solid Body for a Rock Solid Boyfriend

A Rock Solid Body for a Rock Solid Boyfriend
Who would have ever imagined that Logan Echolls would grow in maturity so far beyond Veronica Mars?

In Logan, Veronica had a man who left his tragedy behind and learned from his mistakes. He's in on her jokes, and he supports her in every way. Despite their rocky beginning, he turned into a rock of a man.

3. A Man with Marriage on His Mind

A Man with Marriage on His Mind
Logan was doing the work to be a better man for many reasons. One of them was so that he could be a great partner and husband for Veronica. He proposed in the best way possible by planting a ring in his duffle bag knowing full well she'd be rifling through it.

4. Veronica Says No

Veronica Says No
Veronica acted like Logan had tossed her a hot potato instead of an engagement ring on which he spent far too much money. He was gutted when she said no and then breezed out of the house before they had a chance to talk about it further.

5. Logan Wanted to Be a Father

Logan Wanted to Be a Father
No, Veronica didn't think she was ready for marriage, so the thought of having children scared her to death. But Logan embraced the future and enjoyed the company of their friends, even the "yuppies." Veronica would have seen the light eventually. Just look at her with Matty. But she's never going to get the chance to raise children with Logan.

6. Their PDA Was Adorable

Their PDA Was Adorable
Logan and Veronica were proud to be with each other. Other than Veronica's commitment issues, there was no holding them back.

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