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The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are back! Chris Soules, the farmer, will take a wife!

Those are on this week's must-see list for sure! Check out what we're watching this week at TV Fanatic!

1. The Originals - They All Asked For You

The Originals - They All Asked For You
The Originals returns and it's a family reunion for the ages! Freya wants to see Mikael and Dahlia is coming to the Big Easy! And co-parenting won't be easy for Klaus and newlyweds Hayley and Jackson. Check it out tonight!

2. The Bachelor - 1912

The Bachelor - 1912
The farmer takes a wife! Or does he!? We'll find out on The Bachelor season 19 finale when Chris Soules introduces his final two women, Whitney and Becca, to his family. Will this season end with a proposal?

3. Better Call Saul - Five-O

Better Call Saul - Five-O
When the police begin questioning Mike about his son's death, Mike calls the one attorney he knows he can trust: Jimmy McGill. Find out how Mike and Saul's relationship got its beginnings on Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 6.

4. Bates Motel - A Death In The Family

Bates Motel - A Death In The Family
Norman is about to come as close as we've ever seen him to the Norman we've always expected him to be. He's shiver inducing and a little nauseating. I have really high hopes for the premiere and we'll be covering it here at TVF! --Carissa Pavlica

5. Eye Candy - FYEO

Eye Candy - FYEO
The bodies have been stacking up and the clues have been unfolding, but come Monday the Flirtual Killer's identity will finally be revealed. I'm biting my nails with anticipation! --Terri Clark

6. The Returned - Camille

The Returned - Camille
This is based on the French series Les Revenants. I adored the show and it's going to be hard to live up to. That said, this is a lot like it. The good news is that while this could be called a Gracepoint v Broadchurch adaptation, Les Revenants was seen by fewer Americans, has a completely different cast and they'll be speaking English (yes, I know). So far, all systems go!! Highly addictive. --Carissa Pavlica

7. The 100 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two

The 100 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two
After that "Oh no she didn't!" move Lexa pulled last week, it's looking pretty hopeless for the Sky Kids. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out how Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia get their friends and family out of Mount Weather. --Lindsay MacDonald

8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Who You Really Are

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Who You Really Are
There is so much to be excited about. Only Fitz knows Skye's secret right now, but how will the team react when her powers show themselves and she can't control them? I'm also looking forward to see what agenda the other Inhumans have, and to see the return of Asgardian Lady Sif. This show keeps the heart rate up! --Robin Harry

9. Justified - Dark As A Dungeon

Justified - Dark As A Dungeon
The roller coaster ride that is the final season continues as Boyd is getting ready to make a new play (with Ava!) in the Harlan County game. And with Ty still on the run and Raylan locked and loaded, this next episode is sure to be full of great dialogue, more fantastic story, and hopefully some slick gun-slinging action. This is definitely a great last season for sure. -Sean McKenna

10. American Idol - Top 12 Perform

American Idol - Top 12 Perform
The changes made to American Idol Season 14 have helped revitalize an ailing reality singing competition. This season's talent, particularly the guys, is one of the best groups we've had in years and the shocking elimination format is definitely keeping things interesting. Tune in Wednesday AND Thursday to see this week's performances.

11. Empire - Sins of the Father

Empire - Sins of the Father
Empire is by far the breakout hit of the midseason. Already renewed for a second season, fans can't get enough of the Lyon family and Empire Entertainment.

12. The Vampire Diaries - The Downward Spiral

The Vampire Diaries - The Downward Spiral
BONNIE BENNETT IS BACK! And Caroline has turned off her humanity. Whitmore College won't know what hit it! How will Elena and Caroline react to having their bestie back? What will re-entry be like for Bonnie? And just how many frat boys will Caroline eat? Tune in Thursday to check it out!

13. Archer - Reignition Sequence

Archer - Reignition Sequence
Lana and Archer have a different relationship dynamic, Ray has no hand, and maybe we'll see the underused Mallory this week! Check out Archer on Thursday night at 8pm on FX. --Orrin Konheim

14. Scandal - The Testimony of Diego Munoz

Scandal - The Testimony of Diego Munoz
A surprise visitor shows up with information about B613 that could tear the White House apart and destroy OPA. Jake and Huck will team up with David Rosen to keep the lid on this informant. But remember, no blood.

15. Glee - We Built This Glee Club

Glee - We Built This Glee Club
The New Directions-Warblers Supergroup will face off against Sue and Vocal Adrenaline at Sectionals. Jesse St. James, Rachel Berry's first love, returns to make Rachel an offer she won't want to refuse. Don't miss the penultimate episode of Glee Season 6.

16. The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Fix It Therapy

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Fix It Therapy
NeNe Leakes is bringing all the women together for a little sitdown session with therapist Dr. Jeff. She hopes they can get to the root of their issues but according to the previews, SHE'S the one heading for the door.

17. The Walking Dead - Spend

The Walking Dead - Spend
Rick and the group are settling into life inside Alexandria, but things are about to get devastating there. Father Gabriel tries to start a church, but it looks like residents are going to need more than prayer if they're going to survive the season.

18. Revenge - Retaliation

Revenge - Retaliation
Jack's secret is out. Will Emily decide she wants to pursue a relationship with him or will she continue to keep him at arm's length believing she's protecting him? We'll find out. But first Emily will learn a little more about Ben and his ex-wife.

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