What We're Watching: Week of January 19 - January 25

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What are the staff members here at TV Fanatic excited about this week? Here's our weekly gallery featuring what we're watching and why! What are YOU watching?

1. The Originals - Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire

The Originals - Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire
Look, if you're not excited about The Originals returning tomorrow night, you might not have a pulse. Haylijah steamed up the winter finale. Rebekah was body jumped. Klaus put Esther in the worst possible position: become a vampire or die. I know where I'll be Monday night at 8 p.m. --Miranda Wicker

2. Jane the Virgin - Chapter 10

Jane the Virgin - Chapter 10
After a Golden Globe win for the new CW show, Jane the Virgin is returning where we'll find out the aftermath of Jane's abuela's accident, along with more clues into the Sin Rostro case. Not to mention, seeing more of Jane and Rafael figuring out their relationship. --Mary Kate

3. The Flash - Revenge of the Rogues

The Flash - Revenge of the Rogues
The Flash is bringing fire and ice by way of wentworth miller and Dominic Purcell as captain cold and heat wave. If a prison break reunion isn't something to get excited about, then I don't know what is! --Carissa Pavlica

4. State of the Union Address

State of the Union Address
If the audience didn't burst into applause after the POTUS so much as blinks, the State of the Union address might not take quite as long. But they do. So expect this annual discussion of education, the economy, immigration, and healthcare to take up an hour on your Tuesday night and preempt some of your regularly scheduled programming.

5. Supernatural - The Hunter Games

Supernatural - The Hunter Games
Supernatural returns Tuesday, January 20, at 9 p.m. on the CW! Don't miss Dean, Sam, and Metatron!

6. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Rule #17: Ask the Answer Lady

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce - Rule #17: Ask the Answer Lady
On Tuesday at 10 on Bravo Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce welcomes Alanna Ubach as Abby's old college pal and, hopefully, voice of reason. She could be the friend who will ask, "who the hell have you become?" Which is something Abby desperately needs to think about. --Carissa Pavlica

7. Arrow - Left Behind

Arrow - Left Behind
I'm looking forward to Arrow's return because Katie Cassidy will finally get the opportunity as Laurel Lance to suit up as Black Canary. It took the death of both her sister and Oliver Queen for her to do it, but I'm hoping it's worth the wait. Bless Cassidy for sticking it out through some really ruthless feedback. Can she pull it off? We'll find out! --Carissa Pavlica

8. The 100 - Remember Me

The 100 - Remember Me
I'll be watching The 100 at 9pm on Wednesday. I'm mostly looking forward to the fallout from Finn's death, but I'm also looking forward to the poison-filled dinner between Clarke and the Grounders that CW have been teasing us with for nearly month! This will no doubt lead to another war. I can't wait. --Paul Dailly

9. The Mentalist - The Whites of His Eyes

The Mentalist - The Whites of His Eyes
I'm just loving this final season of The Mentalist. Everything is so much more fun now that Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon are a couple and the added emotional element makes every case more compelling. Knowing that these are the last episodes of the series just makes me savor each and every one. --Christine Orlando

10. Man Seeking Woman - Traib

Man Seeking Woman - Traib
On Wednesday at 10:30 Man Seeking Woman on FX takes the hilarity off the charts when a special council is called to help Josh get his follow up communication with Laura just right. Sometimes a sister and best pal work, other times you need special levels of government to weigh in. To send or not to send, that is the question...

11. The Vampire Diaries - Woke Up With a Monster

The Vampire Diaries - Woke Up With a Monster
Kai kidnapped Elena, uh oh! What will Damon and the gang have to do to get her back? Will she finally save herself? Especially before Jeremy goes away to art school! Will Bonnie EVER get out of the prison world? So many questions about The Vampire Diaries. --Leigh Raines

12. Hart of Dixie - The Very Good Bagel

Hart of Dixie - The Very Good Bagel
Hart of Dixie is my happy place show that always makes me smile. Plus I need to see how Zoe handles telling Wade about her pregnancy. --Leigh Raines

13. Grimm - Tribunal

Grimm - Tribunal
I'll be watching Grimm, for sure! There are so many exciting plot developments right now - Monroe's kidnapping, Wu's revelation, and Juliette's transformation - and I can't wait to find out where they all lead! --Kathleen Wiedel

14. 12 Monkeys - Mentally Divergent

12 Monkeys - Mentally Divergent
Loving the differences between the Terry Gilliam film and the new 12 Monkeys TV series. I'm hoping folks don't dismiss this as just another movie turned TV show. The writing is excellent and the chemistry between Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull is undeniable. I think the writers did a fine job of setting up the world. I'm all in and ready to see where this wild ride takes us. --Henry Otero

15. The Screen Actors Guild Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston might not win big at this year's Screen Actor's Guild awards, but we're betting he'll be in the audience watching his peers win big. That's...sort of the same thing, right? The SAG Awards air Sunday, January 25th.

16. Revenge - Kindred

Revenge - Kindred
Nolan Ross is MARRIED! OMG! If that's not reason enough to tune in to Revenge, we don't know what is. The bummer is we didn't even get to see the ceremony, which would have been a fete to rival Emily Thorne's marriage to Daniel Grayson for sure. --Miranda Wicker

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