17 Comic Book Characters Ruined by Television

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7. John Constantine - Constantine

John Constantine - Constantine
Hear me out Hellblazer fans. Yes he's British, blonde and in later episodes Matt Ryan's Constantine even gets grungier. However, he started off way too clean cut and oftentimes came across like some Comic-Con cosplayer. The white shirt is too pressed and John's classic trench coat laughably spotless. This guy is a tormented antihero prick; he's punk rock... NBC probably wanted him presentable to kick off the series. John's coming along though, even smoking a bit here and there. They'll get him right by Season 2.

8. Brother Blood - Arrow

Brother Blood - Arrow
Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood turned out to be nothing more than Slade's lackey. Which is a shame because Kevin Alejandro is a terrific actor and deserved better. In reality, the Cult of Blood was basically Deathstroke's Mirakuru super soldier army. Blood was stuck most of the season in a pointless mayoral debate while Slade had all the fun. He did manage to inject Roy Harper with Mirakuru so I guess that's something.

9. Andrea - The Walking Dead

Andrea - The Walking Dead
To this day, I don't think any Walking Dead comic character was screwed up by Kirkman and co. on the series more than Andrea. Comic book Andrea was a kick ass, strong female character. She became an expert marksman, folks looked up to her and she even hooked up with our hero; Rick. On the show, they not only paired her up with Shane whom fans hated, but eventually with the Governor as well. She abandoned her closest friend Michonne and made one stupid decision after another. I'm sure even Laurie Holden was relieved when the producers told her Andrea's time was up.

10. Salvatore Maroni - Gotham

Salvatore Maroni - Gotham
Salvatore "The Boss" Maroni, as most of Gotham's powerful mobsters, is hard to take seriously as a villain. Why are the city's crime bosses so ridiculously campy on this show? At times Gotham feels like it's tipping its hat to the Batman 1960's parody show. Though Maroni threatens Penguin and manhandles the slimeball, you're tempted to laugh in his face. Perhaps the idea is to make Penguin out to be smarter than the crime family heads? If that's the case, the writers are succeeding with flying colors.

11. Girder - The Flash

Girder - The Flash
The fact Tony Woodward, Barry Allen's childhood bully, was a metahuman was a nice twist. Did the guy have to be such a meathead though? Seriously, getting Iris to blog about you is the best you can come up with big guy? Plus, his transformation should not have been to smooth shiny steel. He's freakin' Girder, give him some rivets or something to differentiate him from X-Men's Colossus.

12. Gary Lester - Constantine

Gary Lester - Constantine
In the first Hellblazer comic, Gary Lester was a total waste of a human being. He could think of nothing but getting high. The TV show made him overly sympathetic to the point we hated Constantine for sacrificing the guy at the end. For a heroin addict he sure did exorcise that hunger demon competently didn't he? I understand the writers are pressed for time on TV, but their version of Lester was far more clever than he deserved to be. I admit I'd love to see Lester haunting John like in the comics.

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