Alberto Rosende

Alberto Rosende Quotes

Simon: What's up guys?
Gretel: We know Luke said you could crash here. But not here!
Simon: You don't want to touch me. Encanto!
Gretel: What the hell are you doing?
Simon: Encanto. Ummm...Encanto! It's supposed to make you do whatever I tell you to.
Gretel: You're the worst vampire ever.

Simon: So do you think it's true? What they're saying about Jace?
Luke: That he's working with Valentine? I don't think so.
Simon: I mean, he could come for Clary next. He's totally hung up on her.
Luke: So are you worried about Jace...or maybe telling Clary how you feel? Be bold, Simon.
Simon: I'm bold...adjacent.
[Both laugh]