Ashley Rickards News

Ashley Rickards has been acting since 2006.

You might know her from the films Spoonfed, Gamer, Fly Away, Sassy Pants, and Struck By Lightning.

In addition, she has made herself quite known on television. She had appeared in many episodes on Distant Roads, as well as on One Tree Hill. She has also had guest appearances on CSI:NY, Zoey 101, Ugly Betty, and Entourage.

You can currently see Ashley as the lead role in MTV's Awkward.

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Jenna Hamilton Awkward
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Awkward Quotes

Hey! Stop! Don't touch me there that sir is my no no square.


Jenna: This year would be my year. For once I wouldn't be overlooked not with Matty at my... backdoor!
Matty: Oh sorry, I slipped.