Ed O'Neill

Ed O'Neill was born in Ohio and was actually signed to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969 as an outside linebacker, but was released before the regular season started. 

That turned out to be just fine for O'Neill who went on to star as the iconic Al Bundy in Married With Children for 11 years.  The actor has since been in movies and a failed television series, John from Cincinnati, but now we're lucky enough to see him playing Jay, the patriarch of Modern Family

We are possibly this actor's biggest fans.

Role Show
Jay Pritchett Modern Family
Birth Date:
Youngstown, Ohio

Modern Family Quotes

You're like a mob wife. You complain about what I do, but have no problem wearing the fur that fell off the back of the truck.


Cam [giving Lily dating advice]: Definitely compliment his outfit, laugh at his jokes...
Lily: What if they aren't funny?
Cam: Oh honey, the cute ones rarely are. God doesn't give with both hands.