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After several small television and movie roles, Kerry Bishé was lucky enough to land one of the leads in the proposed FOX television show, Virtuality.  However, the show ended up not being picked up and merely aired as a made-for-tv movie.  Luckily, after Scrubs got renewed for a ninth season, Bishé would take over from Braff as the narrator and lead for the show.

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Lucy Bennett Scrubs

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Ketchup is for winners, Ted!

Dr. Kelso

Elliot: I don't know why I even bother ovulating. Little Haley doesn't have a chance this month... I name my eggs - big frick. Last month it was "Cassy."
J.D.: Ooh, "Cassy"'s pretty.
Elliot: Oh, she would have been, J.D. She would have been.