Lesley-Anne Down

Lesley-Anne Down (March , 171954) is an English actress who is best known for her roles as Georgina Worsley in the ITV period drama Upstairs, Downstairs, as Madeline Fabray LaMotte in North and South and as Jacqueline Payne Marone in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Lesley-Anne Down was born in London. At the age of ten, she began modeling and acting in her native UK. She won several beauty pageants and, at the age of 15, she was voted Britain's Most Beautiful Teenager. At about this time she began a ten-year relationship with British actor/director Bruce Robinson.

From 1973 to 1975, Down portrayed Georgina Worsley on the popular British series Upstairs, Downstairs. She went on to star in such feature films as The Pink Panther Strikes Again, A Little Night Music, and Hanover Street, opposite Harrison Ford.

Down is also known for her roles in television movies and miniseries, including North and South and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

In 1990, she had a starring role in the hit CBS prime time soap opera Dallas, playing the part of "Stephanie Rogers."

She portrayed Olivia Richards on the NBC soap opera Sunset Beach from the show's debut in January 1997 until the show's cancellation in December 1999.

She has played Jacqueline Payne Marone on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful since March 2003.

Married to her third husband, cinematographer Don E. FauntLeRoy since 1995, Down is the mother of two sons, Jack (born in 1982 during her marriage to director William Friedkin), and George-Edward (born in 1998 by FauntLeRoy), in addition to FauntLeRoy's two daughters, Season and Juliana.

Down resides in Malibu, California with her family.

Role Show
Jacqueline Payne Marone The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful Quotes

Stephanie: You think this is all my fault? You have brought this on yourself.
Brooke: All I ever did, Stephanie, was to love Ridge.
Stephanie: And his father, and his brother, and your son-in-law. Is it any wonder Bridget is confused? I mean, is it any wonder your daughter would confuse natural feelings of respect and affection for romance? You have blurred the lines of socially-acceptable behaviour. And you stand here and you tell me you're proud. What are you proud of? Having your son-in-law's baby? I know what you're proud of. Chasing after a man whose wife's body is barely cold in the ground.

Brooke Logan Forrester is nobody's fool, nobody's.