Nicholas Bishop

Nicholas Bishop is a British actor. Past Life marks his first real role on American television.

Bishop moved with his parents to Canberra, Australia when he was six months old. He's also lived in Queensland and Adelaide, Australia; as well as Singapore and Washington DC.

The actor has one brother and was appointed an Australia Day Ambassador from 2005-2009.

Role Show
Price Whatley Past Life
Birth Date:
Swindon, England

Past Life Quotes

Price: I guess sometimes evil is just evil. I'll say this, I would have never believed what just happened it I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
Kate: The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening.
Price: Wow, that's pretty profound for being up all night.
Kate: It's Einstein; I saw it on a bumper sticker once.

Price: It must be hard being so damn right all the time.
Kate: It is a burden, but I've lived with it.
Price: Just so you know, I still think you're crazy.