Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Outsiders

Riverdale Review: The Outsiders

Celebration is in the air as Betty and Veronica throw Polly a baby shower on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8. But is her party full of love and joy?
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Colony Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Seppuku

Colony Review: Seppuku

Nobody is going down without a fight on Colony Season 2 Episode 12, but Broussard wants to wipe out the Red Hand if he has anything to say about it. Read on!
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Powerless Season 1 Episode 6 Review: I'ma Friend You

Powerless Review: I'ma Friend You

On Powerless Season 1 Episode 6, Emily tries to figure out how to help Jackie make some extra money. Meanwhile, Van tries to find out who used his precious bathroom.
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The Expanse Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Cascade

The Expanse Review: Cascade

The Rocinante crew arrive on Martian-occupied Ganymede as Earth learns more of the Protomolecule in The Expanse Season 2 Episode 10. Read on!
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The 100 Season 4 Episode 8 Review: God Complex

The 100 Review: God Complex

On The 100 Season 4 Episode 8, Bellamy and Jasper find time to bond and relax in Arkadia. Meanwhile, Clarke and Abby are questioning their remaining humanity. Read on for more!
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