Mistresses Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Threesomes

Mistresses Review: Threesomes

Will Joss and Harry survive their first fight? And what's next for Karen, Vivian and Alec? Mistresses Season 3 Episode 5 had all the answers so read on for the review now!
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Dominion Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Heirs of Salvation

Dominion Review: Heirs of Salvation

Alex and Noma journey to New Delphi on Dominion Season 2 Episode 1. Elsewhere, Michael wanders into a quaint little town. Is it protected by God? Read on to learn more.
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Extant Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Morphoses

Extant Review: Morphoses

On Extant Season 2 Episode 2, Molly tries to convince JD about the existence of aliens and Julie makes a shocking decision for Ethan's future. Read on to find out more!
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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 3 Review: d3bug.mkv

Mr. Robot Review: d3bug.mkv

On Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 3, we learn WAY more than expected about a few characters and Elliot makes a decision about fsociety. Read on to see what went down!
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Scream Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Hello, Emma

Scream Review: Hello, Emma

On Scream Season 1 Episode 2, the bloodbath continued as Emma felt bad for the part she played in Audrey's video, but it was it too little too late? Read on!
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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 4 Review: A House Built on Sand

Tyrant Review: A House Built on Sand

Jamal finds out his mother has been keeping a secret on Tyrant Season 2 Episode 4 and Rashid considers an alliance with a dangerous man. Read on to find out more.
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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Finally

Stitchers Review: Finally

On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 6, Kirsten gets a secret message from Ed. Will she be able to figure out what he wants to tell her? Read on for our review.
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