After Hours Clips - A Risky Move

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House injects a chemical substance into his body on the episode "After Hours." Hugh Laurie talks about that development, and we see a few clips, in this video.
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House Season 7 Episode 22: "After Hours"
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House Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

House: There are no cars coming. Just go.
Rachel: The light is red, ye bloody scallywag.
Dr. Cuddy: Stop with the pirate talk.
House: If you don't want Brownbeard to end up with two wooden legs, better get your ma to move this ship, you mangy bilge rat.
Dr. Cuddy: Of course... you showed her that filthy cartoon. What kind of idiot lets a three-year-old watch that?
House: If you want to lecture me on my poor judgment, there seems to be more relevant examples.

Darrien: I told you I couldn't go back. I shouldn't have trusted you. I never liked you. I killed time with you 'cause I was locked in a cage. You were a distraction. Someone to talk to so I didn't have to think about... everything else.
Thirteen: You're lashing out... I get it. But in a month, you'll thank. me Or maybe you won't, I don't know. But... I know I saved your life