Arden Cho Out of Teen Wolf, Actress Records Emotional Goodbye

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Can you believe Kira has been with Teen Wolf for over three years already?

Now for the bad news. The storyline for the character has played out.

Arden Cho took the time to record an emotional goodbye to her fans before she met with some of them for a Q&A, knowing the topic might come up.

She not only expresses how much the character and her family has meant to her, but how sorry she was if she misled fans along the way by mentioning upcoming Kira storylines for Season 6. Talk about a class act!

"Unfortunately, it looks like we are wrapped up with Kira's storyline and she won't be coming back for Season 6."

"I'm sorry there were some interviews where I said we were excited for Season 6," she continued, "but I think at the time we were assuming that we were back. But you know, sometimes in show where there are so many characters, there isn't always time for everyone and their storylines."

Cho wishes they had more time to develop more of her powers and the skinwalkers and there would have been more of an "epic" ending, but as viewers learned with the quasi-return of Crystal Reed during Teen Wolf Season 5, there's always a possibility Kira may return sometime in the future.

Take a look at Cho's emotional statement and let us know what you think about this surprising shift in the story!

As always, you can watch Teen Wolf online right here via TV Fanatic to catch up and see the end of Kira's story.

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