Arrow Season 4 Episode 11 Promo: She's Not Ready

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Is this how the darker days start to take over Felicity?

It seems she's at home recuperating during Arrow Season 4 Episode 11, which is really great.

Unless she was pushed out because she has really crappy healthcare (and hey, who doesn't understand that pain?), her strength is showing by being home so quickly.

Yet she's not ready to come back yet.

Speaking of...she hasn't been to Palmer Tech in ages. Maybe she'll work there for a while. Anyway...

She's shown popping some pills and getting extremely frustrated with the system overloading.

Meanwhile, Lyla is kidnapped.

Will this be the scene we saw in another trailer in which Lyla was shown with a gun pointing right at her face?

That won't be good.

Finally, Felicity tells someone, probably Oliver, that she doesn't think she can be a part of the team anymore.

We just learned on Arrow Season 4 Episode 10 how important she is to the team and probably stronger than all of them.

Can the team get her through these rough waters?

Will they band together to show her they can drive her attitude just like she has done for them through thick and thin?

What do you think lies ahead for Felicity?

Are you worried?

If you missed what's going down with the otherwise cheerful girl, you can watch Arrow online!

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