Carlos Valdes Lets Us Gush Over Him at Comic-Con

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We absolutely adoreĀ Carlos Valdes on The Flash. Forgive us while we gush over Cisco in this interview at Comic-Con. He then shares his thoughts on how well received the character has been.

When Valdes previews The Flash Season 2, he admits Cisco tries to be a bit of a ladies man and he may see some action, calling it "world rocking." He has our attention, as always!

Vibe will continue to creep into The Flash mythology, but the actor was hesitant to say how much we could expect. Hesitancy is usually a good sign, don't you think?

Finally, Cisco had the most unique relationship with Harrison Wells, but ValdesĀ seems to indicate more of those brilliant moments between himself and Tom Cavanaugh might be missing in the future because Cisco can't have them with a bad guy. There's that ache for the two of them to share something, though, isn't there?

Find out exactly what he has to say when you watch the entire exclusive clip.

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Eobard: Unfortunately, Miss Danvers, we need you awake for this procedure.
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