David Ramsey Teases Diggle's New Season 4 Look

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John Diggle will have a new look on Arrow Season 4, David Ramsey tells us in this exclusive interview. He’s getting a “concealment of some sort.” It's about time, right? The man with a family needs a little extra protection while protecting others, especially as he ups his game as the de facto leader of the trio including Black Canary and Speedy while the Arrow is out of town.

Ramsey has also done some thinking about Diggle's relationship with Oliver and the secrets his friend kept from him. They might need to have a little heart-to-heart for the bromance to fully blossom again, but he assures us it will get back to normal if (when) Oliver gets back to town.

Watch this Q&A to learn a lot more from the actor in terms of what lies ahead for the show and for his character, including Diggle's potential storyline with H.I.V.E. when Arrow returns in October.

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