Empire Channels Misery In Explosive New Trailer!

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Empire, is that you?

Fox has dropped the new trailer for the second half of Empire Season 4, and it looks like the musical drama series is channeling Misery for the big return. 

empire claudia

If you watch Empire online, you will already know that the show wrapped its winter finale with Demi Moore's Claudia making a return to kidnap Lucious. 

On the trailer, we get to see Lucious going head-to-head with his deranged former nurse who got a little too hot for patient. 

With Cookie and the family joining forces to find the Lyon family patriarch, Claudia will go to extreme measures to get what she wants: The affections of Lucious. 

In one scene, she wields an ax, and it looks like she's going to slice and dice anyone who wants to interrupt her idyllic vacation with Lucious. 

It looks crazy, and for Empire, that's saying something. 

Will Claudia hurt someone close to Lucious? We'll need to tune in to find out!

What do you think of this new teaser?

Hit the comments below. 

Empire returns Wednesday, March 28. 

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Cookie's coming home.


I started selling drugs when I was 9 years old in Philadelphia. I did it to feed myself. But it was the music that played in my head that kept me alive when I thought I was going to get shot. And it was the melodies that I dreamt about that keep me warm when I was sleeping in the streets.