Enemies Domestic: Extended Preview

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An extended preview for this week's all-new NCIS, "Enemies Domestic." It picks up where "Enemies Foreign" left off.
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NCIS Season 8 Episode 9: "Enemies Domestic"
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NCIS Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

McGee: Hey, where is Boss, anyway?
Malachi: He's in Interrogation.
Liat: With Director David.
Tony: Oh! This is like Clash of the Titans. We should be there.
Ziva: It's a closed show.

Agent Sharp: It's like herding cats, huh, Agent McGee?
McGee: I don't like it at all, Agent Sharp. I've got a dozen other retired agents. I have Branch, I've got Morrow, I've got Nedrow. I have more directors than the front row of the Oscars.