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Alright Girls fans! Mark your calendars for February 21, because that's the date your favorite foursome will be back!

While the teaser gives no information about what to expect of Girls Season 5, Lena Dunam's Hanna is dancing like no one is watching, well, except her mother, who is right by her side. 

There is no sign of the other girls, but that's a pretty similar scenario to Girls Season 4, in which there were very few episodes featuring all of the girls in any one place at one time. They're growing up and maturing, the time for hanging in a foursome, let alone with all of their boyfriends, is pretty much over.

At the end of last season, Hannah was working as a teacher and dating fellow teacher, Fran. Adam had broken up with Mimi-Rose and wanted Hannah back, but she stood firm and chose the man who wanted her for her. It was a pretty big moment.

Shoshanna had a decision to make – move in with her boyfriend, Scott, or take a job in Japan. She did the latter. Whether she's still there at the beginning of the new season remains to be seen.

Jessa played midwife with Caroline's baby (who was subsequently named Jessa-Hannah...) and decided she wanted to become a therapist. She has goals, you guys!

And Marnie? Well, she's still in a bit of turmoil over Desi, but as he's not in as much turmoil over her, perhaps she'll see the writing on the wall when it comes to Ray, and they'll discover that there is more to them than just friends.

Whatever the fifth season brings, we can be sure it will be funny, enlightening and heartbreaking, probably a little of each at the same time.

Be sure to tune into HBO on Sunday, February 21 at 10/9c for the premiere!

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