Good Behavior Sneak Peek: May the Best Queen Win!!

By Jasmine Blu at

Letty Raines is about to take on a new persona, one that is unlike anything we have seen from her before.

Are you ready for Letty as a Drag Queen?!

On Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 5, Letty and Javier will have to do a little undercover work of their own, and I promise you, it will not disappoint!

If you have been following along with the season (and if you haven't, why the hell not?), you'll know that Letty and Javier were attempting to be good.

But as we all know, they're too good at being bad. Fortunately for them, it hasn't come back to bite them in the asses quite like they expected.

Estelle's betrayal still weighs heavily on the pair, especially Letty. As for Estelle, she has to contend with the fall out from her actions.

Fortunately, Rob, who has been a true shining light this season, has been taking her to task and working towards getting her to make amends.

After the absolutely hysterical Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 4, things for our favorite killer-thief duo took an unexpected and delightful turn.

In that Holiday Inn Express episode – which has to be this season's equivalent of the Tesla Episode – Letty and Javier struck an intriguing deal with Agent Lashever.

"You Could Discover Me" finds the pair on their first assignment working for Lashever after making that complicated deal. Lashever needs Letty to put those infamous skills of hers to good use.

The couple is tasked with stealing half a million dollars from a club owner named Mickey. Except, as you'll see in our exclusive clip, a simple scope, snatch and grab is a bit more complicated than Letty envisioned.

When Letty shows up at Rose's Garden, she discovers that her next assignment consists of ripping off a Drag Queen club. And as Letty notes, "You can't bullshit a Drag Queen."

If you are fond of a little show called RuPaul's Drag Race, this will be the perfect hour for you. In fact, Drag Race alum Sharon Needles, Ginger Minj, and Roxy Wood guest star in the hour. You know, just in case you need something extra to sweeten the deal.

But honestly, Michelle Dockery posing as a Drag Queen should be more than enough incentive to watch this fantastic hour of television.

Letty, I mean Priscilla McCall, looks absolutely fabulous, and Michelle Dockery's performance got the stamp of approval from some noteworthy Queens.

Letty may take the lead in this hour, but Javier holds his own. He has learned a thing or two from our favorite con woman, and we get to see him in action.

With Lashever on their case, a deadline, and their assignment taking unexpected and dangerous turns, this may very well be the best episode of the season yet.

It's gritty, funny, introspective, exciting, and so much fun. It's a must-see hour you do not want to miss. We promise it's anything but a drag! 

An all-new Good Behavior airs tonight at 10/9c on TNT. 

Check out our sneak peek of tonight's episode below for a small taste of what the hour has in store, then hit the comments below with your thoughts!