Grant Gustin Teases The Flash Season 2, Barry's Journey

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Where will The Flash be when Season 2 picks up? How will he respond to the city's adulation?

Grant Gustin gave us the exclusive scoop on the red carpet of Comic-Con. Ever gracious, Barry Allen won't have it as easy as one would expect after Central City warmly embraces him as their hero. Why? Because he knows the truth of the matter.

His dearest friend, Iris, is also going to need Barry more than ever when The Flash Season 2 begins. Find out what GustinĀ had to say about all of it during our interview.

If you're confused about wormholes and singularities, go ahead and watch The Flash online so you're not left our!

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The Flash Quotes

Jesse: When I first got my power, you were so lost not having yours. I thought maybe part of the reason why you liked me was because you were attracted to the speed and not me.
Wally: [scoffs]
Jesse: I know, I know. But I saw you out there today. Being Kid Flash. You were complete, Wally. You were scary complete.
Wally: I could have all the speed in the world. I'm not complete without you.

Gypsy: It had to be today.
Cisco: Why today?
Gypsy: Because today is 1/1/1 day!
Cisco: 1-1-what?!
Gypsy: 1/1/1 day!
Cisco: What is that?!
Gypsy: 1/1/1 day on my Earth's the day that you celebrate with the one you love! Alright?! It's one soul plus one soul equals one soul.
Cisco: That zappy.
Gypsy: Yes it's zappy, it's stupid, it's smoopy, but there is something about you that makes me want to do stupid smoopy things. And I hate the word smoopy and people who use it.
Cisco: Wow, that is the sweetest and angriest thing you have ever said to me!