I Will Survive Clip - Karev and Lucy

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Karev and Lucy reach a critical point in their relationship in this clip from the May 12, 2011 episode of Grey's Anatomy. Where will they end up?
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Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 21: "I Will Survive"
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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Owen: I don't understand.
Cristina: It's two words - no sex.
Owen: I'm sure there should be more words.
Cristina: Look if you're going to choose chief resident, you have to be impartial.
Owen: Come on this - now?
Cristina: Sex with me, however hot and excellent, could cloud your judgment.

We've all heard the saying. It's one of those things you learn in seventh grade science class. Adapt or die. Adapting isn't easy though. You have to fight your competition and off their attacks. And sometimes, you have to kill. You do what you need to do to survive.