Into the Badlands Sneak Peek: What Is Bajie's Endgame?

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Into the Badlands is hurtling toward an explosive conclusion, with only one episode left before the season finale.

Sunny, who escaped the clutches of Baron Chau, has now aligned with The Widow. On Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 8, Sunny learned that Veil, the love of his life, and baby Henry are being held captive at Quinn's outpost.

His plan to save them included taking M.K. with him as bait, but he also gave Bajie a means to escape from Baron Chau's jail cell as well.


What Sunny and M.K. don't know is Bajie followed them to The Widow's camp to get in on the action

In this exclusive clip from Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 9, Bajie uses his best con man skills to gain entrance into The Widow's lair.

Bajie recently told M.K. about his past as an abbot, and his fond memories of a young trainee he nicknamed Flea.

There is mounting evidence that The Widow and Flea are one in the same: is that why Bajie is hell bent to get inside?


He also has Sunny's compass and is in search of the mysterious book M.K. took from The Widow.

Bajie thinks The Widow has regained possession of the book. Both items, when used together, have magical properties.

So just what is Bajie's endgame?

To find out, be sure to watch the next episode of Into the Badlands, this Sunday at 10pm EDT on AMC. 

And to catch up on anything you've missed, you can always watch Into the Badlands online on TV Fanatic!

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Into the Badlands Quotes

Lydia: These past few months have been the happiest I can remember in a very long time. You saved me.
Penrith: We didn't save you - the Gods did.

Sunny: Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?
Bajie: Because it will be a lot harder to win chained to a corpse.