Killjoys Season 4: Sneak Peek

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The big question starting Killjoys Season 4 is how long before Da'vin and John rejoin forces with Dutch, who went into the Green with Aneela to combat The Lady. Another question is how the trio will have been changed by their experiences. Killjoys returns at 10 p.m. Friday, July 20, on Syfy.

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Killjoys Quotes

Dutch: Got any low level warrants I can knock out fast? Level 2s or 3s?
Bellus: Sure repos, transpos but shouldn't you concentrate on finishing your active warrant?
Dutch: What active warrant?
Bellus: The Level 5 warrant you signed on for twelve hours ago; one Kobee Andras.
Dutch: Bellus, Level 5s are kill work. I don't do those.

Dutch: Six years of working together, he's never wanted some 'me' time... Nah something's up.
Pree: Dutch, you work together, live together, do everything but sleep together and you're worried that he wants a little time apart. Bitch, how charming do you think you are?
Dutch: I know when Johnny's lying, Pree.