Mr. Robot Season 3 Trailer: The End of E Corp?

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Mr. Robot will finally return for Season 3 in October and USA Network has dropped the first official trailer. 

As you probably recall, Mr. Robot Season 2 concluded with a holy guacamole moment when Elliot thought the return of Tyrell was just a figment of his imagination. 

Beating Mr. Robot

But in true mind-bending fashion, Tyrell pulled the trigger and shot Elliot to prove he was the real deal and not to be messed with. 

The trailer teases Elliot waking up from bleeding out and Angela greeting him. Considering her association with Tyrell, the scene with Angela and Elliot is probably the real deal. 

We still don't know just how involved Angela is in all of the hacking, but if she does know Tyrell, it probably means she's in deeper than viewers could ever have imagined. 

Angela at Work - Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 6

She was instrumental in the hack of the FBI, and with them closing in, nobody is really safe. 

Darlene is not even safe because the Dark Army is stalking her, but would Angela or Elliot really allow her to die?

We sure hope not. 

The trailer also teases a war between Elliot and Mr. Robot. They are both fighting for control, but which one will ultimately get their way? 

Deleting Mr. Robot

Have a look at the full trailer below, and join us in the comments with your theories on what the heck is happening. 

Remember you can watch Mr. Robot online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up now!

Note: Mr. Robot Season 3 debuts October 11. 

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Mr. Robot Quotes

Deletion. When you make that decision, there's always that moment of hesitation. That annoying "Are you sure?" dialogue box, and then you have to make a decision. Yes or no. Yes means ridding the world of Mr. Robot forever. That includes you. Maybe it's something I should have done a long time ago.


There's a saying -- 'The devil is at his strongest while we're looking the other way.' Like a program running in the background silently. While we're busy doing other shit. 'Daemons,' they call them. They perform action without user interaction. Monitoring, logging, notifications, primal urges, repressed memories, unconscious habits. They're always there, always active. You can try to be right, you can try to be good, you can try to make a difference. But it's all bullshit. 'Cause intentions are irrelevant. They don't drive us, daemons do. And me? I've got more than most.