NCIS Season 17 Trailer Reveals Why Ziva is Back

This new trailer for NCIS Season 17 finally sheds light on Ziva's return. Watch the full video right here via TV Fanatic to get up to speed.

The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Promo: It's Time to Say Goodbye!

The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end at CBS, and we have the full teaser for the series finale. Watch it right here, The Big Bang Theory Fanatics!

Let's Make a Deal Exclusive: It's UCLA vs. USC In a Stunning Ball Game!!

Let's Make a Deal scores with their college week, as USC and UCLA are both represented in what is sure to become a daytime classic faceoff! Watch...

NCIS Super Bowl Promo: Ziva Returns?

NCIS looks set to be bringing back Ziva, and we could not be more excited. We have the full promo released during the Super Bowl below for you.

The Red Line: Watch the Heartbreaking Trailer

The Red Line is a new CBS drama that explores the aftermath of a black man being shot while trying to help a shopkeeper who got robbed. We have the trailer.

Julie Chen Exits The Talk: Watch Her Emotional Goodbye

Julie Chen has officially quit The Talk. Watch her emotional goodbye message to the cast, crew

The Big Bang Theory Promo: The Beginning of the End

What will happen on The Big Bang Theory Season 12? Will the characters get happy endings? We'll leave it to the official trailer for you to find out.

Stephen Colbert Talks Les Moonves Allegations: Accountability Should be for Everybody!

Stephen Colbert has opened up about the sexual misconduct allegations that have been lodged against Les Moonves. What did he say? Watch the video!

The Neigborhood Trailer: Most Promising Comedy of the Season?

The Neighborhood is a new comedy that stars Cedric the Entertainer, Dreama Walker and Max Greenfield. Need we say more? Watch the trailer right here.

God Friended Me Trailer: Can This Heartwarming Series Succeed on CBS?

God Friended Me looks a little too similar to Kevin (Probably) Saves the World and we're totally on board with it. Watch the full trailer right here.

F.B.I. Trailer: Missy Peregrym Is Back!

F.B.I. is a brand new series that comes from Dick Wolf and looks like a mash-up of a lot of other shows. How so? Watch the full trailer to find out!

Magnum P.I. Trailer: Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Jay Hernandez leads the cast of Magnum P.I. and we're pretty sure you're going to be on the edge of your seat throughout the show. Watch the full trailer.

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