Odd Mom Out Season 2 Promo: Shedonism and the Allure of Hamilton

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Bravo has been putting out some excellent scripted series.

If you missed it, Odd Mom Out follows New Yorker Jill Weber, a quirky and fun mom of three who just so happened to marry a wealthy man whose family is the complete opposite of herself.

Now it's a constant battle between the woman she is and the world into which she has been thrust by marriage. And it's hilarious.

The first footage for Season Two has been released, and not only is Blythe Danner joining the cast as Jill's mom, but the topics are right on target.

Whether you're a mom yourself, have friends who are moms or ever want to be a mom or have ever just struggled to fit in, there is something in this show for you.

During Odd Mom Out Season 2 Jill's sister-in-law Brooke will introduce to Jill the concept of "Shedonism" (explained in the promo).

Is Hamilton Frozen for adults, Jill wonders. Considering the popularity, we're going with yes.

Her mother-in-law will share something that still haunts her after years. Spending time with Bill Cosby and never having been touched despite several dinner dates.

There are narcissism therapy dogs, the urban perspective delivered via a brunette into a gang of blondes and the horrors of the mammogram.

Check out the trailer, let us know if you have ever watched or if it's something you might want to catch up on.

Season 2 premieres Monday, June 20 at 10/9c.

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