Once Upon A Time Promo: Why Did the Black Fairy Abandon Rumple?

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The past is coming back to haunt Rumple on Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 19 "The Black Fairy."

His mother's been wrecking havoc on his life since the moment he was born, and she made the decision to give him up.

But why did she choose to leave her son behind?

Clutching the Dagger - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 16

As the Black Fairy revealed to Gideon on Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 18, she considers her reasoning her darkest secret. And the Blue Fairy knows what that reason is!

In the promo below, Emma questions whether Rumple will ever be prepared to hear the truth. And whether or not he can be trusted to act in everyone's best interests when the truth does come out.

Will Rumple choose to save his son, protect his wife, and help everyone else in Storybrooke? Or will the quest for his mother's love be his ultimate downfall?

Press play on the video below and share your thoughts with us!

What would you like to know about the Black Fairy? Do you believe she's capable of love?

Remember, you can watch Once Upon A Time online anytime!

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Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 19: "The Black Fairy"
Belle French, Emma Swan, Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Emma: You could have just told me that.
Rumple: Well the Saviors have the luxury of always doing the right thing. I do not.

Emma: So you're kidnapping me now.
Rumple: I'm doing what I have to do to save my son. And this place, even the Black Fairy cannot control it.
Emma: The Dream Realm, huh? I thought there'd be like flying pigs or talking doughnuts or something.
Rumple: Well if you're not impressed, I can leave you here while I find Gideon.