Roseanne Revival Teaser: How Was Dan Conner Resurrected?

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Ever since the news broke that Roseanne was returning to the air with a new batch of episodes, fans have been clamoring for one big question to be answered. 

How can Dan Connor be part of the show? He was killed off during the show's original run. 

Roseanne Teaser screengrab

But a new teaser gives us a glimpse of him very much alive and watching a basketball game with Becky. 

Dan talks all about the 90s, and then Roseanne appears with some solid comedic timing. 

“You can’t live in the past, Dan! When things are gone, they’re gone forever!” she yells. 

However, things are not really gone forever. Roseanne is returning eleven years after it went off the air and Michael Fishman is signed as a series regular. 

In essence, the series' original ending has been written off, and it looks like the family will be returning to the way things were before the faux death. 

Roseanne Season 10 Cast

While it's undoubtedly disheartening that Dan's death will likely not be addressed, it makes sense. 

There's no way the show would work without the character. The contrast of opinions in the family is one of the most significant parts of the show. 

Their debates, differing views, and cosmic wit made the original series such a hit back in the day. 

If the teaser proves anything, it's that the show will likely make little jokes that will allude to the death, but no reason will be given. 

Over to you, Roseanne Fanatics. What do you think of this?

Watch the clip and hit the comments below!

Roseanne debuts March 27 on ABC!

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