Salem Season 3 Teaser: "The Witching Hour"

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Literally, and I kid you not, I was just wondering earlier today, "when will we hear something about Salem Season 3?!"

My wish is apparently at my command. 

Do I have the gift? Because, that would be so awesome.

"History will say, the devil was born in Salem."

Well, then I'd like to thank him, because this teaser for the upcoming season of WGN America's first scripted hit series looks frightening!

Salem will be premiering Halloween week, but is Mary even alive to see it?

That scene of Alden picking her up in the woods doesn't bode well. Yet...she's later walking...

We also see Mercy looking alive and well, pulling the strings as witches do, says the narrator (who I think is Increase Mather, later seen screaming).

Little John, the devil, looks evil and sweet at the same time, making him all the more creepy.

So will Mary be herself, or someone else completely if she's arisen from the dead?

Have you missed Salem? Are you ready to see what else is coming your way from the little town?

Be sure to watch Salem online to get all caught up, and be here for all the latest!

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