Scream Queens Super-Sized Main Title Sequence - Don't Close Your Eyes!

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Is there anything more you could possibly want from a super-sized main title sequence than this?

For a series called Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy did exactly what was expected. He put all of his stars in jeopardy and made them SCREAM!!

The best part is he still captures the comedic essence of the series with playful winks and other nods to what viewers can expect without giving anything away. The music, too, is unexpected, with a bit of a James Bond feel to it. Very fun stuff, you guys!

Is it time to play the "who will survive" game yet? Does landing a spot in the title sequence mean you're safe to breathe into the next episode? 

The super-sized credits will appear before the super-sized two-hour premiere on Tuesday, September 22 on Fox!

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