Shooter Season 3 Promo: Swagger vs Solotov: The Showdown!

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The much-awaited third season of Shooter is almost here! 

Shooter Fanatics and the rest of the Swagger Squad are locked, loaded, and ready to jump right back into the thick of it with Bob Lee and the gang. 

After the second season had to come to an early end due to Ryan Phillippe's injury, fans have been eagerly anticipating how the third season would play out after Solotov got his hands on Bob Lee. 

Bonded enemies - Shooter Season 2 Episode 8

On Shooter Season 2 Episode 8, the two opposing men find themselves on their own with the hint of them actually working together, but the trailer implies a truce may not be called anytime soon. 

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That's too bad, Solotov is one the best baddies currently on air and watching Ryan Phillippe and Josh Stewart play off of one another was one of the best things about the sophomore season. 

The promo for season 3 teases more of that antagonistic relationship, and I cannot wait to see it! 

New Foe

The showdown between these two has been a season in the making, and they aren't pulling any punches, literally. Of course, weapons will also come into play because it wouldn't be Shooter without a gun or a dozen. 

Solotov is still good at that psychological warfare taunting Bob Lee with threats about going after Bob Lee's family. If you recall during Shooter Season 2, Solotov, the many of many disguises, got pretty close to Julie and Mary.

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If you read any of our Shooter Reviews, you'd know that it always seemed as if Solotov had a soft spot for the two ladies in Bob Lee's life. 

Would he really hurt the Swagger women if push came to shove, or would he spare them because of his fondness for them? 

Let it Burn

Bob Lee may have Solotov in his crosshairs for screwing with his family and killing his friends, but Solotov wants his money and to get away from Atlas before they come after them. 

Atlas is one more thing on Bob Lee and Nadine's plate, as they both uncovered the conspiracy of this organization. As you recall, in the finale, we figured out that the ruthless Addison Hayes, the man behind Atlas, is also a US Senator!

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In addition to that, he's working with the C.I.A, or at least he's working with Gregson. There is so much juicy stuff to unpack with that connection alone.

Hayes rescued Isaac from a Mexican prison and offered him a spot at Atlas the same way that he offered Solotov a position, so Atlas will play a huge role in the third season. 

Senator Hayes - Shooter Season 2 Episode 8

The past will come back to haunt Bob Lee in an unexpected way. He'll spend the season delving into the mysterious murder of his father who was killed by a sniper, and he won't stop until he avenges his old man's death. 

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There is never a time when Bob Lee doesn't have a vendetta or a mission. In this upcoming season, it looks like he'll have more than a few. 

Swagger Love

The overarching theme this season will be family, and Bob Lee will go to hell and back to protect him. Anyone who comes for his family will face consequences, and they may be deadly. 

Check out the thrilling promo below! 

Shooter returns June 21 on USA. There's still time to catch up on the series, you can watch Shooter online right here via TV Fanatic! You will not be disappointed. 

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