Doing the Time Warp

Sit back and marvel at this video, Glee fans, as the cast does the Time Warp, courtesy of the show's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.

Time Warp Cover

The cast of Glee covers "Time Warp" in this video, which is courtesy of the episode "Rocky Horror Glee Show." We apologize in advance of YouTube takes it down.

Dammit, Janet Cover

Listen to the cast of Glee cover "Dammit, Janet" in this video. It's a Rocky Horror Picture Show classic.

Rocking Rocky

Like The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Then you'll love this episode of Glee! Check out a 20-second promo for it now.

Glee Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

It always freaks me out to eat candy that someone else has touched.


How did a production of Rocky Horror turn into my horror?