The Expanse Season 4: First Look and Premiere Date!

The Expanse Season 4 has a premiere date, a trailer, and even a poster. What are you waiting for, TV Fanatics? Get all the scoop right here.

The Expanse: Dulcinea (Full Episode)

Watch the first full episode of The Expanse now, then tune in for the series' 2-hour premiere on December 14. This is one TV show you don't want to miss sci-fi fans.

The Expanse Quotes

Naomi: If your girlfriend logged that distress call, she's going to be living it down for a long time.
Holden: I did it. I just couldn't shake it.
Naomi: I'd keep that to myself if I were you.

Miller: So what's my contract exactly?
Captain Shaddid: Find Julie Mao, if she's still here on Ceres detain her and ship her home.
Miller: Kidnap job. My pleasure.