Titans Season 2 Trailer: Meet Superboy and Krypto The Superdog!

There are a bunch of new heroes at the helm on Titans Season 2, but who is the new villain? Get all the details in the full trailer for the sophomore run.

Titans Season Finale Trailer: Batman vs. Robin!

On Titans Season 1 Episode 11, Robin will come face-to-face with his sworn enemy: Batman! Watch the first trailer for the epic season finale.

Titans: Brenton Thwaites Takes on Dick Grayson, Robin, and ... Nightwing?!?

Brenton Thwaites is leading the Titans family as Dick Grayson aka Robin, a character with a chip on his shoulder for a lot of reasons. Get to know Thwaites now!

Titans: Teagan Croft on Going Dark as Raven, Parental Figures, & More!

Teagan Croft will be the world's first look at a live-action Raven aka Rachel Roth from the Titans. She's a capable and accomplished young actress with great ideas. Watch!

Titans: Anna Diop on Bringing Starfire to Life for the First Time!

Anna Diop has the awesome job of bringing to life the first non-animated version of Princess Kori Anders aka Starfire. Find out what she has to say about it!

Titans Quotes

Fuck Batman.


Criminal 1: Where’s Batman?
Criminal 2: Hey, I heard he’s alone.