Somewhere Between Sneak Peek: If Nico Could Do It All Again...

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There will be some good news coming from Somewhere Between Season 1 Episode 9, "Ghost."

People will start taking Laura seriously.

After everything she's been through and the ridiculously high success rate at predicting the future, they'd have to, right?


But it looks like there's some bad news, too.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, Nico and Laura are stuck together and it seems like Laura is expecting her life to come to an end. 

Nico, though, remains optimistic. Whether he's doing it to keep Laura from losing hope or if he sincerely believes they have another chance we won't know until we watch.

From the look on her face, Laura's digging what Nico's laying down. They have that way of inspiring each other to continue even when all seems lost.

This time, his words are of an incredibly personal nature. And Nico has a gift for Laura to prove he's put a little thought into it.


It might seem like the walls are closing in on them, but they've been there before. That time, they were all alone.

If they get yet another chance at starting over, Nico already has plans on how he'll go about it. 

What Nico has for Laura is the perfect gift. You're dying to see what it is, aren't you??

After watching the clip below, let me know if after watching you have any ideas on how the limited series might end.

Does it change your theories on the ending? Could it possibly end differently than what you were expecting previously? 

I know I have a new idea, and it's the first time a happy ending came to mind. Or, it's more like a happy beginning. How's that for something different?

Watch and be sure to tune in Tuesday, September 12 at 10/9c on ABC to see the rest of the story!

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