Somewhere Between Sneak Peek: What's the Ugliest Truth?

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Is the refreshed timeline Laura and Nico are living Nico's chance at redemption?

If it is, he's taking it to heart.

We have a sneak peek of Somewhere Between Season 1 Episode 7 showing Laura and Nico taking a break from their desperate search for the tattooed fourth man.


While they're on the hunt, they're going to discover a decade old case against Nico's brother, Denny. 

Will that help assuage Nico's guilt for turning in his brother for killing Susanna? 

It couldn't hurt.


Nico shares with Laura a heavy burden he's carried.

Not only did Nico blame himself when he first saw Danny carrying Susanna all those years ago, he was relieved when he saw it was Danny carrying the body.

Was he relieved because there was someone else to blame or because that someone would be so easy to manipulate, and any guilt Nico felt for Susanna's death would be easily brushed off his own shoulders?

Living with thoughts like those for as long as Nico has would be difficult enough if your brother was in prison; they'd be next to impossible if your brother was on death row.


When the police pull up behind Nico and Laura, Nico makes a split second decision that proves he's done living with the guilt, and he's ready to make amends.

But is what he does the right thing or is it a snap judgment made without thinking fully what it means for everyone involved, including Laura and Serena?

It will be interesting to see where this scene sits within "The Fourth Man" and what transpires afterward.

If you recall from Somewhere Between Season 1 Episode 1, Nico wasn't on the greatest path. He was troubled.

The choices he made then appeared significantly different than the ones he's making now.

Check out the full sneak peak of tonight's episode now, and let me know how much you think he's changed.

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