Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer Unveils Spock, Premiere Date

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CBS All Access has finally lifted the lid on the premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, and it's back in just a few months!

The streaming service has revealed that new episodes will get underway Thursday, January 17. One episode will be released weekly for the duration of the sophomore run. 

Captain Philippa Returns - Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 unspooled on Sundays, but CBS All Access is all about switching things up. 

A brand new trailer was unveiled during New York Comic-Con, and it showed off some of the craziest twists yet for the sci-fi drama. 

However, the biggest reveal was saved for the final few moments when fans were offered a glimpse of Ethan Peck in the role of Spock. 

Ethan Peck as Spock

“As a child, I had the same vision again and again,” Spock says before we get to see the character. “Now I understand its meaning, and where it must lead.”

Amongst all of the things blowing up, we also got our first look at Rebecca Romijn as Number One. 

The trailer alone is crazy with several high-stakes situations that is sure to get fans more excited to return to the Star Trek universe. 

Have a look for yourself, and hit the comments below. 

Will you be tuning in?

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