Stumptown Trailer: Cobie Smulders Kicks Ass and Drives a $#!T Car

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Everyone is very unhappy with the cancellation of Whiskey Cavalier, but that decision might be clearer after you watch the first trailer for Stumptown.

While the first trailer for Whiskey was very engaging, it didn't quite catch on at ABC like it should have given the star power and initial reception.

Cobie Smulders on Stumptown

Based on the “Stumptown” graphic novel series, the new series follows Dex Parios (Cobie Smulders) as a strong, assertive, and sharp-witted army veteran with a complicated love life, gambling debt, and a brother to take care of in Portland, Oregon.

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Her military intelligence skills make her a great P.I., but her unapologetic style puts her in the firing line of hardcore criminals and not quite in alliance with the police.

She seems a lot like Lauren Cohan's character on Whiskey, don't you think?

Michael Ealy on Stumptown

Pilots are subjected to recasts all the time.

Let's just hope that isn't the case on Stumptown, as Michael Ealy has always been a TV Fanatic favorite.

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And it's been a while since we've all been in love with Camryn Manheim's performance on The Ghost Whisperer, but she's always a highlight of any show on which she appears.

Stumptown Supporting Cast

But you also need to take into consideration that Stumptown comes from a successful graphic novel, and that Smulders is a verified commodity on ABC.

She's been around the block with a lot of shows and movies, and in all of them she comes out on top.

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Dragging Ealy and Manheim along with her for the ride is a very nice kindness from the casting department.

This is Rex

So take a look at the trailer and see if it's something you're willing to give a try.

I know the wounds of Whiskey Cavalier's cancellation are still digging deep, but keep in mind everybody wants to work, and television is a cut-throat business.

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But with more options than ever, there are more chances your favorite show can get saved while still allowing room in your heart for the next big thing.

I'm giving it two thumbs up from the trailer. 

What will it be?

Yay or nay on Stumptown?

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