Supernatural Parody Shakes Off the Mark of Cain in Fun Video

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After the incredibly intense and dark finale from Supernatural Season 10 Episode 23, everyone just needs to shake it off, right?

That's exactly what the parody team The Hillywood Show has in store with their Supernatural parody to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. What are they shaking off, exactly? Why, the Mark of Cain, of course.

Not only is it reminiscent of the wonderful Supernatural musical earlier in Supernatural Season 10, but Osric Chau (Kevin Tran!) is playing Sam. What a fun nod from a lost favorite. Other recurring actors who run the convention circuit have roles in addition to Hillywood gals Hilly and Hannah.

If you were planning on taking your leave before the end, well, doesn't everyone save the best for last? Don't go. Stick it out and shake it allll off. It's worth it!

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