The 100: Eliza Taylor on Clarke's Different Role and Bellarke's New Normal

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It is safe to say that the sixth season of The 100 is going to quickly assign a different role for Clarke than anything we have ever seen.

Eliza Taylor stressed this herself, mentioning the challenging twist that is coming for her character in the new season.

This is just one mention of many, with this being brought up during the actual panel for the show at New York Comic Con as well.

This is both fascinating but also partly worrisome, mostly because we have no idea what it could be but with the show's history it will probably have us all worried about Clarke this season.

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It is also interesting how this big twist may come into play so early since everyone is just getting to this new planet and figuring out where to go from here.

Somehow in that time frame, Clarke has met her next challenge and the nerves are starting to kick in. 

Clarke Season 5

While we wonder about this mysterious redefined position in which Clarke finds herself, Taylor added that Clarke will find herself back as the A-Team with Bellamy.

They struggled quite a bit during The 100 Season 5, didn't they?

Don't worry; they are moving back on track on this new planet and fans can expect them to spend quite some time together. 

This is a wonderful sneak peek at the way everyone will be pairing off in Season 6.

Bellamy and Clarke are clearly gravitating towards each other as they need to be. 

They watched their next big obstacle, an official end to Book 1 and a reminder that these two are the center of the show itself. 

The two were starting to drift back to a better place again in The 100 Season 5 Episode 13 when Bellamy invited Clarke to join him on the bridge.

It is lovely to know that that was just the beginning and that the show is aware that it works best when its core relationship works together. 

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You can see everything that Eliza Taylor had to say about The 100, including the addition of Jordan Green and whether Clarke and her friends will have the chance to talk about what they have been feeling.

Just watch the full interview below. 

The 100 returns midseason in 2019 on The CW.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more coverage of the upcoming season.

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