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She's a meta, and not one of the nice ones. That's how Julian describes Caitlin as Killer Frost.

Yep, we're getting our favorite frosty treat back, and this time, while she may be cured, we really don't expect her to be killed off anytime soon.

So what's going to happen with our girl, Cait?

We've known for a while that, thanks to Barry's incessant need to fix his past to his personal taste, he made Cait a meta.

But now Cait knows, too. She never realized until recently that this new post Flashpoint timeline was the first time she was harboring this secret.

But on The Flash Season 3 Episode 7, it doesn't look like she's going to blame herself for what she's becoming. And rightly so.

It IS Barry's fault. 

Or is it? Frankly, I'm a little bit confused between the good and bad metahumans.

We are currently fighting Dr. Alchemy, who came with the Flashpoint business and is meddling around with metas from that unique and falsely created timeline to give them back powers in this one as a way to be evil.

That makes sense. He's bad, he makes them bad. But Cait, as far as we know, didn't have powers in the Flashpoint timeline, nor did Alchemy instigate in her the whole come with me and I'll give you back what you lost stuff.

Wasn't she manifesting her powers before Barry came back from the first fake timeline to this new fake timeline (Gah...this is so confusing)?

Why does Caitlin have to be KILLER Frost, other than the idea she's so awesome we want to call her Killer? Can't she CHOOSE to be good, just like Barry should be able to choose to be bad? It's a matter of mind over evil, right?

All the bad metas we've met in the past (pre-Alchemy) were all bad by matter of choice and their "woe is me" attitudes. They were done wrong, the world owes them a living, they were bullied, etc. 

So what gives with Killer Frost coming out of Caitlin? My only logical guess is she's somehow stuck with memories of Killer Frost on Earth-2 and believes that's her only choice and it's driving her bad.

What do you think? Are we going to keep our Frost but call her Killer only because she's so awesome? Will she soon be a superhero type in her own right? Hit me guys! Our Cait isn't Cold-Hearted, not by a long shot. AMIRIGHT???

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 7: "Killer Frost"
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