The Flash Promo: Killer Frost Fights Team Flash

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The hits keep coming for Team Flash when Killer Frost joins forces with SavitarĀ on The Flash Season 3 Episode 20 "I Know Who You Are."

After his trip to the future, Barry's got one card to play. He needs to track down Tracy Brand so she can help him trap Savitar.

But one of his best friends stands in his way. Or maybe two of his best friends.

Fun's over - The Flash Season 3 Episode 14

In the video below, Cisco's having a hard time thinking of Caitlin as the villain. No matter how much damage Killer Frost does, all Cisco sees is his best friend.

But Barry needs Cisco to have his back. Killer Frost is searching for Dr. Brand, too. And without the necklace to keep her icy persona in check, Caitlin doesn't mind hurting anyone in her path.

Which side will Cisco ultimately choose?

Press play on the video and then share your thoughts with us!

Will the team learn Savitar's identity? Can they convince Caitlin to return to the right side? Does Dr. Brand have the answers?

Remember, if you need to catch up, you can watch The Flash online anytime!

The Flash
The Flash Season 3 Episode 20: "I Know Who You Are"
Barry Allen/Flash, Dr. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, Cisco Ramon
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Tracy: What are you doing?
Cisco: You mean save you from a burning, fiery death?

Julian: Sorry, why are we not looking for Caitlin again?
H.R.: Easy, Romeo and Juliet. None of us have forgotten about Caitlin.